Mahi is a singer/songwriter from Hawaii currently in Las vegas & LA.


Coming off a great run that resulted in being a finalist on American IDOL, Mahi continues to sharpen his craft and move the masses weekly performing around the world. Currently on a coast to coast tour with Anuhea, Mahi brings his high energy blend of Island Pop infused with a dash of FUN to stages everywhere. Originally from the Islands of Hawaii, local boy Mahi hopes to share his gift around the globe. Stay connected and follow Mahi's journey at Mahi.Live. 

Yes, his name first and last name conjures up tantalizing thoughts of two popular seafood dishes, but you’ll quickly realize that his music is even more alluringWe’ve all heard the phrase “You can take the boy from the island, but not the island from the boy.”  This is 100% truth when it comes to artist Mahi Crabbe. 

I recall meeting Mahi at a local Hawaiian festival years back here in Las Vegas.  He played music with a Polynesian dance group, both on and off stage.  I had the privilege of hearing a few off stage cover songs by him and was truly impressed by his talents.  I remember telling him, keep pressing forward with your music, but concentrate on writing original music.  Fast forward to 2011, the music industry enabled us to cross paths again, only this time he surfaced with several original songs.  He sent me “Tell Me You Do” and Dear Babe” and after hearing it both, I instantly placed it into radio rotation on Pipeline 2 Paradise.  The listeners worldwide immediately embraced his sound.  Soon after, Mahi dropped by in-studio and literally penned the remainder of an unfinished original song entitled “Light Switch” just before performing it LIVE on-air.  His infectious music quickly spread and as they say, the rest was all history. 

Coming off a great run that resulted in being amongst the Top 100 on American IDOL Season 11, Mahi continues to sharpen his craft and move the masses weekly performing around town in the Entertainment capitol of the world.

The future holds great promise for Mahi and sky is truly the limit for this young artist!  Don’t be stunned if one day your turn on your local Top 40 station and hear Mahi’s music ruling the airwaves.  One thing is for sure, no matter what level of success he attains, he remains a local island boy to the core.  Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day he pops up on MTV wearing slippahs, shorts and a blazer, it could happen…. I take that back, IT WILL HAPPEN!